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The mixing phase consists of multiple interventions such as : track cleaning (reducing the singer's breath, the monitoring feedback, etc), sibilances and plosives (noise gate, de-esser), audio & MIDI quantification, equalization (subtractive or additive, M/S), compression (full-band, multiband, parallel or sidechain), the reamping, effects (delay, reverb, saturation, harmonic generation, etc), track mixing itself (volume and pan), parameters automation, mix-down creation by analog or digital summing ...

Some of these operations will be essential, others will only be justified based on the intrinsic quality of the tracks.

Track rendering may also require further audio restoration processing : hiss reduction, click removal, crackles, hum or distorsion of any kind would falled within this framework.

The role of mixing is to make harmonious the listening of the mixed tracks that make a song. Its goal is not to reach a high volume or calibrated volume for most listening systems. These interventions consist in a later phase, named the mastering.


Mastering consists of finalizing and optimizing your music to ensure its perfect rendering on the most common media (CD / DVD, SACD, Internet, radio, TV, etc.). To do so, many interventions must be undertaken, such as creation of in and out fades, control of the dynamic range by full-band or multiband correction (compression / de-compression / expansion / de- expansion), the widening of the stereo image by matrix-encoding and decoding of the Middle-Side/Left-Right components of the signal, the brickwall limitation, the mono-stereo compatibility checking, phase correlation work, down-conversion with dithering ...

Mastering can be performed on mix-down or by stem summing.

The studio is calibrated in Bob Katz's standard K-System (83 dB SPL C weighting, slow response)

Do you only trust your ears ?

Comparative listening


Before Mixing
After Mixing


Before Mastering
After Mastering

Mixing & Mastering

Before Mixing & Mastering
After Mixing & Mastering

We thank the Boomrang, Ricky Dozen and Hundred Miles bands for the agreement to use theirs songs on our site.

Practical informations

Tips for sending your files

Tracks in .mp3 format should be avoided, you should prefer .wav or .aiff formats. We accept sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, in 16 bits, 24 bits or 32 bits float resolutions.

Don't forget to consolidate each audio region in order to avoid to a sound supposed to start at the third verse and starting at the very beginning when importing the tracks into our DAW.

It is recommended, when you export your tracks, to give at least a 6 dBFS headroom, to allow us a comfortable breathing space for the application of further processing. For the same reasons, do not normalize your tracks.

To avoid confusions, it is also needed to rename each track that made up your project by instrument name, and name the folder with the project name and tempo (BPM).

Listening test before sending the final piece

Extracts will be available for you to evaluate our work, review, make any changes or confirm delivery. Although our studio offers mixing and mastering online, you will get a special and customised listening during all the process. 


No advance fee is required to order. You only pay if you are satisfied.

File transfer

Sharing files is done via the online file sharing service of your choice. After you sent us the link by email, we will confirm its good reception.

Musical orientation desired

Let us know about your musical influences to drive your track mixing in the right direction.


  • Apple iMac Pro 3.2GHz 8-core Xeon / 32 Go RAM
  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Lynx Hilo Reference AD/DA Converter System
  • PSI Audio A21-M
  • PSI Audio A225-M
  • Neumann NDH30
  • Sennheiser HD660S
  • Presonus Central Station
  • CSR-1 Control Remote
  • Dangerous Music 2Bus-LT
  • Brainworx, Eiosis, Flux, Kush Audio, Slate Digital, Softube, Sonimus, Tone Projects, UAD, Zynaptiq ...
  • Presonus Faderport V2
  • Digidesign Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Apple iPad mini & Avid PT Control
  • Summit 2BA-221
  • Eaton MGE ASR 750
  • Furman P 1400 AR E
  • System & Magic Black Noise Zero
  • Vovox Sonorus
  • Passive re-amping box Radial Engineering Pro RMP




Mixing & Mastering

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